Radosław Cichy

Radosław Cichy

Licensed Restructuring Advisor

An expert auditor. Accounting and reporting expert. Before starting cooperation with KMS in 2016, for several years he was responsible for the process of creating the consolidated financial statements of one of the largest capital groups listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

He has many years of experience in working as a head accountant, he also serves as a supervisory board member. In 2016, he successfully passed the exam for people applying for a restructuring advisors license, and in 2018 he obtained a restructuring advisors license. As part of his cooperation with the Law Firm, he mainly deals with the support of services provided by the Law Firm in the field of restructuring proceedings conducted under the Restructuring Law and services provided in the field of proceedings under article 299 of the Polish Commercial Companies Code and article 77  of the Polish Accounting Act, as well as providing opinions in the area related to the moment of insolvency.

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