The synergy of legal
and economic knowledge

Practice Areas


Complex consulting and advising, restructuring scenarios and legal representation, as well as the exercising functions in restructuring proceedings


Advising in liquidation proceedings, conducting bankruptcy proceedings. Legal representation of debtors or creditors. Exercising functions in bankruptcy proceedings.


Assistance for each pre-pack stage (the prepared liquidation): arranging motions for bankruptcy and pre-pack, legal representation of the creditor or the debtor (including complaints), arranging the description and estimation of the subjects of pre-pack.

Due dilligence and valuation

Company valuation for the needs of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings – including the needs of prepared liquidation (pre-pack). Due diligence for investors in the area of distressed assets.


Managers’ duties

Experts opinions for the establishment of the date of materialization of the premises of insolvency. Expert opinions and procedural support in criminal proceedings related to insolvency and economic turnover. Economic interpretation of the law and expert evaluation of management activities.


Knowledge and experience

The KMS Office offers you the experience of over 10 years of activity involved in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. This experience is highly valued equally by our clients and independent experts.  In 2020, in the ranking of the Law Offices in „Rzeczpospolita”, we were classified in the 3rd place among Polish restructuring offices.

Restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings

We provide specialized services for restructuring and bankruptcy courts, indebted entrepreneurs, creditors involved in restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings, as well as managerial staff. We consult and advice business partners from all over the world on how to acquire Polish enterprises, as well as restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

At the client’s request, we perform the function of an interim manager.

The office’s team consists of lawyers and economics, which leads to unique services with a high level of efficiency. We have an understanding of business-based mechanisms, and thanks to the transfer of competences in the field of law and economics, we are in a position to establish a non-template action strategy, for each of our clients.




What makes working with us worth it:

competences in the field of law and economics

a team of experts, including 4 licensed restructuring advisers

non-template action strategy

understanding of business mechanisms

multi-annual experience

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