Jakub Michalak

Jakub Michalak

Partner, Licensed Restructuring Advisor, economist, court expert

Licensed Restructuring Adviser, who actively exercises the function of a receiver in bankruptcy and an administrator in remedial proceedings. A court expert at the District Court in Katowice in the field of:

  • business valuation, including for the purposes of bankruptcy proceedings, pre-packaged liquidation and restructuring,
  • valuation of damage in trade, including lost profits,
  • determining the moment of occurrence of premises for declaration of bankruptcy for the purposes of proceedings concerning the liability of members of management boards of companies,
  • estimating the value of creditors’ damage,
  • examining the rationality and validity of management decisions in relation to criminal liability, as well as establishing an acceptable framework for economic risk.


He has been associated with the KMS Law Firm since 2012. He advises entrepreneurs and managers on restructuring strategies in the event of a threat of insolvency or insolvency. Member of the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors and the Insolvency Law Section of the Allerhand Institute. He specializes in issues related to the valuation of enterprises for the purposes of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, especially for the needs of pre-pack liquidation. He participated in the process of preparing over forty advanced valuations of entities from various industries (including a dozen for pre-pack), including: valuation of the enterprise of a joint-stock company from the mining industry, employing 200 people, with a balance sheet total of PLN 100 million, for the purposes of prepared liquidation; valuation of a limited liability company from the energy industry, which had existed on the market for over 50 years; valuation of an enterprise of a limited liability company from the wind industry (wind farm) for the purposes of prepared liquidation; valuation of a joint-stock company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), a holding company with a number of start-ups in the IT industry. He has also participated in over a dozen projects aimed at examining the moment of insolvency of entities from various industries. The projects implemented in this area include examination of the moment of materialization of the premises of insolvency in a joint-stock company listed, on the GPW in the energy industry, with a balance sheet total exceeding PLN 200 million, employing 1.5 thousand employees, for the purposes of proceedings for the ruling of a ban on conducting business activity pursuant to article 373 Polish Bankruptcy Law.

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